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Something About me and Blogging:

First of all Thanks for landing on my about page and I am feeling proud that you want to know something about me. Well my full Name is Hamza Gulzar. I am from Sialkot (City of Shaheens) Pakistan. I was born on 28 Feb 2000 in Sialkot Pakistan. I was addicted to the internet since my brother (Musadaq Gulzar) bought her first Personal Computer.

My blogging journey starts one month ago (12/7/2018), I am in front of my Desktop searching about how to earn money online. All internet users want to earn money online something while sitting home. I landed on many website like click to earn or refer programs.

But I want to adopt where can I earn money at home and enjoy.

While searching and reading so many articles I learned something called blogging. A blog where you can write and spread your knowledge all over the world. After this, I learn how to create a blog. In that time I can’t afford WordPress Hosting and much more, So I start with a free platform called Blogger.com. 
I landed on many websites there are favorites I want to mention (YouTube.com and Facebook.com and Dailymotion.com) and with the help all of them, I launched my first blog. It was a Software niche/topic blog called Funkarweb because I just select randomly so I just start.

Don’t make this mistake. Choose topic in which you are expert and in which you know and interested.

After one year of hard work on Funkarweb not get any success in Software niche. After one year I made a decision to shut down it and launched my own blogging related blog. Where I teach other beginner bloggers that how to blog.

Target Of this Blog.

The target of this blog is cover all blogging tips, all SEO tips, guides, tutorials and I’ll try to make those guides easy as much possible to learn fast. Also, I start to interview of popular bloggers in Pakistan. So readers can read their stories and that’ll help them to stay motivated.

Well, thank you so much for reading about me. Since I am not the one of the type things but surely I’ll update this with more information.

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~~~Thank You So Much for Reading~~~

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