Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan 2019

In the List of Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan. List of Top 15 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan at low price with High Alexa Rank and Google page Rank. This list is created with the use of Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank and Web Hosting plans.

Internet is full of Web Hosting Companies like Dream Host, Media Template, GoDaddy and thousands pf others. Web masters prefer the best web hosting companies which are reliable and trusted. These big companies have elite administration with a lot of experience.

They provide very good back up, if encountered any problem. Even Pakistani web Masters and users prefer these foreign companies for multiple reasons. But many people may not know that even Pakistan has good web hosting providers. Today i will tell you about Top 15 good web hosting providers in Pakistan.

Choosing a wrong hosting company while you are starting your first blog can give you bad results in terms of demotivate and no earning at all. In this reading, you shall read a general introduction about Top 15 Best hosting Companies in Pakistan with their first starter hosting package price and specification comparison.

Questions Related to Best Web Hosting In Pakistan.

What should you know before buying?

Q: Am I getting the right hosting services?

A: Yes you must know this. SSD Hosting loads 10 times faster than SATA hosting. Similarly, some companies offer free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and others take charges.

SSL certification adds value to your website. It is confirmed in recent Google update that google will give priority to sites with SSL on sites without SSL. Secure Socket Layer is encrypted method of communication between visitor and website. It is secure.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
The High lighted word in the address section is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Q: Does this package meet my requirements?

A: Let Say, 1GB space can be enough for a regular blog that updates once twice or even daily. But 1GB space is not sufficient if you are thinking to make image based or download based website.

Q: Is it right price?

A: Compare prices and specification before ordering.

Q: Can I get refund?

A: No, you won’t get refund for domain purchasing. Some Hosting Companies do refund at all but some refund if you cancel your order within 1st week or 15 days after purchasing your domain.

Q: Does this company provide after sale services?

A: Normally all companies provide. The difference is of their response time to your problem.

This post is dedicated to Best Web Hosting companies of Pakistan. It has three sections. Section-1. Deals with factors we have used for rating of companies. Section-2. has Small list of Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan as per these factors.

Techooz team maintain a unique list of top 15 Web Hosting companies (out of 124 listed, see top 100) targeting Pakistan, compared by their Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. Pakistan current population is 197 million ( #6 in the world) with 31,338,715 internet users (15.5% of population and #27 globally).

Deals with factors for rating of companies:

There is no standard mechanism in web hosting industry for ranking web hosting companies in order of priority, however, general parameters can be applied as under. No single items can said to be recipe of good web hosting company. Its combined effects of all these aspects which make best of the companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search engines ranking of a particular company is indicative of how Yahoo, Google, MSN etc place the company in order of priority with relation to searched term. If your search term is web hosting Pakistan or Sialkot, Lahore, Karachi etc.

You are bound to find the top ranked site in Sialkot / Pakistan / Lahore / Karachi as per you keyword. Due to large number of key words involved, we have not added it as one the aspects in determining positions of best Web hosting companies of Pakistan.

GPR (Google Page Rank)

Page Rank is a system introduced by to determine the ranking of page compared with others. It counts back link votes in determining which pages are most important. These scores are then used along with many other things to determine. If a page will rank well in a search. Its counted from 1-10, higher the better.

Alexa Rank

Historically, this one of the oldest tool to determine rank for the web hosting companies. So we have added it for Pakistani companies as well. Alexa computes traffic ranking through a complex process, by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Tool bar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources.

Google Page Speed Test

How can Top hosting Companies of Pakistan have their own web page opening slow? Google Page Speed Test is a step towards making web faster and good experience for customers. A top hosting company would thus not lack in it.

Server Speed & Uptime

A ping test to website of the web hosting company would give you general idea of its speed. Note that web hosting company may have servers located at different data centers. Also ping test does not give the exact speed of the machine.

Yet as mentioned earlier, it can give you fair idea of speed of sever of the top hosting company, using its own website.

Cost for Web Hosting

Your obvious interest is to find a lowest cost web hosting company. Cost however, is only one factor, like all of others above. You can compare cost of some of the top hosting companies of Pakistan mentioned below.

List of Top 15 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan.

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Check these things before ordering.

  • Know your requirements.
  • Check support of company.
  • Compare prices and packages.
  • Know their clients feedback.
  • Ask for discount possibilities and trials.
  • Check if they have SSL or not.
  • Ask company to give you a trial, offers free trial and money back guarantee.


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