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Today’s world, chatting on social media has become an important part in our lives. We spend so much time in chatting with our friends and family that we don’t even actually realize. And, also with popularity of something other tricks related to it start coming up. How to Fake Whatsapp chat app free download.

You must have seen several memes and jokes of WhatsApp and Facebook conversations. Well, what if we tell you that you could also create those conversations. You can create your own fake WhatsApp and Facebook chat conversations to make them funny and joke with your friends.

So, today I’ll tell you how to create fake Whatsapp chat . They look very real similar to the ones we do. You can set everything according to your need like Profile of other person, last seen and status etc. First, start with WhatsApp for Android users. You can prank with your friends and family with this simple trick, by letting them know what other friend told about you and so on.

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How to Create Fake WhatsApp Chat on Android?

There are many apps through which you can create fake Whatsapp chat. I’ll tell you about the best app which you can create fake WhatsApp chat which looks exactly as real ones. I’m explaining app, which you can use for create Fake WhatsApp Chat on your Android device.

Fake Chat Conversations is the best app for creating fake whatsapp chat. So, first you need to download this app from the PlayStore or  download Fake Chat Conversations app on your phone from here.

Once you have done downloading and installing Fake Chat Conversations on your device, you need to follow these steps to create fake Whatsapp chat.

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  1. Open the app and click on New WhatsApp option. A screen will appear which will look like your Whatsapp Home Screen.
  2. Now, You can edit anything according to your wish. To change the name of the person Tap on the name option.
  3. If you want to change her Profile photo of the other person click on the image where the Profile Picture is there.
  4. Now, If you like to change her status click on the status button and change it to Typing, Online or Empty.
  5. After you are done editing, save it and share it wherever you want.

So, This was all about creating fake Whatsapp chat. This trick is very useful. So you can simply use this and make fun with your friends and family. Use this for fun purpose only, don’t use this thing for harm someone. This method is completely legit, and tested by me. If you have any other crazy ideas like this, then let us know via comments below. Stay tuned at Techooz.com for more cool tips & tricks like these.


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