How to Grow YouTube Channel in One Month

Are you trying to get the highest views on your YouTube channel? and Grow YouTube Channel in some months.

I know you are answer is yes, Let me tell you there is not a better method than engineering the aspects of videos which already goes viral on YouTube and applying them to your videos. Most of us think that videos go viral by chance, it’s actually not, The content no matter videos, websites which goes viral online always have some aspects in common which make people share with many others possible.

Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

I know it’s not easy to learn those factors which make the content viral because it’s different for every kind of content, In a nutshell: If you are running a Football reviews channel then for making heavily shareable videos your approach will be different than other channel making videos on politics.

But it’s not very difficult as it sounds to understand the factors of making viral videos in your channel niche, I am going to tell you the complete method step by step…

Find The Viral Videos in your Niche/Topic:

You need to dig deep the videos which go viral in your Niche/Topic category and find the aspects which make those videos go viral massively.

Let’s suppose with me for a minute that you are working on dog training videos category and need to find the already proved videos with millions of views, Then simply search for Dog Training or your other main keywords like bulldog training and open the videos in the new tab which have maximum views.

You can also open the videos from related videos section of YouTube. Our goal here is to find the videos having maximum views in your niche. You just have to watch the complete videos with your sticky notes or notepad opened for noting the factors they added which helped them to generate that much views.

Check the video’s presentation Style

You now have to notice deeply the presentation style of those video creators. That if they are presenting in the funny tone, serious tone, controversial or in the professional tone.

You also have to note that if they are giving the lesson practically by applying on a dog or just teaching on the board or by using the animations.

In the presentation, you also have to check that if they are giving the lesson step by step or just throwing the complete lesson without any breaks.

Notice the Emotions aroused with Videos

Emotions are also a very powerful factor for making any content viral online. Studies have proved that content with AWW, Funny and Angry emotion goes much viral as compared to the sad and mixed emotion videos.

Do you have to figure out that after watching the video does it make you say AWW? Or it’s making you smile while you are watching the video.

If you can figure this out that which emotion is making the videos viral in your niche you can easily make content which is almost proved to go viral.

Check the Practical Value Factor

After many kinds of research and studying viral content it’s now confirmed that videos/blogs with practical value always goes more viral. Practical content means the one which teaches you something practical that seems legit and easy to implement.

Like In videos if they are training the dog with simple methods which you can easily believe that your dog can follow too or you implemented on your dog and it worked perfectly.

This is a good example of the practical value of content and people love to share this type of content online because it’s already proved and will make them look cool in front of others.

So, you need to check if those videos are providing the practical value or describing a new discovery or technique which is not used before and note it down for your upcoming content.

Here’s what’s next:

Let’s get back to our scenario that by using this method now you have all the factors which made those videos go viral in our “dog training” category…

Now you can easily use these factors wisely for making the viral content because you are going to make the videos for the same audience which they are covering.

Apply the Factors in this way for maximum Views:

You just have to copy all the factors in your upcoming videos and expect the good views…

Sit back on your seat I am not saying to copy their content but just the aspects which you found for making your new videos because those are already proven to work in your category.

Now let’s assume that those “dog training” videos which you have seen are using the funny tone in making the video then you have to do the same even put in the better jokes…

Same goes if they are using the professional or controversial tone.

As you have also figured out that which emotion is doing the best for getting the maximum shares so now you have to evoke that emotion in people even better.

Write Catchy Titles:

Before getting into writing the catchy headlines I must tell you that on YouTube the related videos section is the biggest traffic source which you can utilize only if you can write better headlines…

I mean if your video is showing in the related videos section of any dog training video then your headline must be very appealing that most of the people want to click on your video next…

Let’s assume someone is searched for “dog training” and 2 results come up with headlines…

Dog Training full guide

Dog Training: How to train any dog the basics.

Quickly which video you like to watch? If you are like most of the people you will select the second result, right.

Make Attractive Thumbnails:

Thumbnails can also help you in getting more views from search as well as from related videos section

You can also notice that most of the YouTube videos which go viral also have the attractive and professionally designed thumbnails which surely help them in getting more organic clicks.

So, you also need to figure out that which kind of thumbnails are attracting the audience in your niche by checking the details of thumbnails used by videos related to your category.

I must tell you again that it’s not something to ignore, According to a research 70% of the people only read your headlines and post preview so you need to be very attractive here…

In a Nutshell: When you need to create the preview very attractively so everyone wants to click on your result but now it’s also your responsibility to make them stay on your video which must be recorded with best vlogging camera as well…

Make In-Depth Content:

The days are long gone when most of the YouTube videos are just the slides or short details with the music in the background but still, thousands of people are watching those videos.

Now there are a lot of quality content creators who are producing the best videos and YouTube also became very intelligent at figuring out that which content is best without even watching the video.

So, you need to create the lengthy videos not just for length but providing all the details about that topic that you are covering in your videos.

Because according to the study, most of the videos ranking on YouTube for competitive keywords are based on the in-depth details and good length.

Encourage Users To Watch Until The End:

Now you want to make sure that viewers will watch your videos until the end of your youtube video. The higher view retention a video has, the more youtube realizes it’s a relevant, high-quality video on whatever topic you’ve titled it for and rank it accordingly.

If you can promise your viewers that you’ll deliver something awesome and interesting in your video then will watch your full video until end, and this will help you to to make them stay longer.

Final Words:

Most of the people think it’s very difficult to make the content viral online but it’s actually not if you can just figure out that which things are working already and used them effectively in your content.

Now you know more than 70% of the people working on YouTube and trying to get the maximum views possible on their high-quality content but just lacking these things.

This simple method is personally tested by me and even many people are using it and getting the perfect results.


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  1. Hey Hamza, Fantastic post. Every youtube dreams about growing their channel. I think this post is enough to give them direction.

    Content is the King. Without it, you can’t grow your channel. No matter how many tips your following.

    Youtube SEO is a great way to grow your channel. It helps in ranking your videos in Youtube SERP. Once your video is ranked, you get a lot of viewers and subscribers which ultimately grow your channel.tubebuddy is a great tool which handles SEO task easily. Adding the appropriate title, description and tags and hashtags all are the part of Youtube SEO.

    Custom Thumbnail plays an important role in increasing viewers. It forces the visitor to click on the video. You can use CANVA to make an attractive and custom thumbnail.

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