How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2019

In this article we talk about how we can start a successful YouTube Channel in the year of 2019. If you want to start your new channel on YouTube and make money from your channel, So this is article is very helpful for you. Read this tell end.

how to start a successful youtube channel in 2019
how to start a successful youtube channel in 2019

YouTube know as a second biggest search engine on the internet after Google with over 1.5B monthly users, second only to Facebook (2 billion) and more than twice the number of Instagram (700 million) 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube in every single minute.

So it’s pretty big.

Today I am going to tell you some of the basic and proven youtube tips to start a new channel. You can apply to start a successful Youtube Channel and go viral on YouTube.

Learn Basic Editing:

Editing is the first and most important part of your channel. Editing the videos you share on YouTube is important because the raw footage needs to be organized and cleared of mistakes if you want your videos to attract the attention of millions of viewers. Besides,

You have to learn basic video editing to edit your videos don’t upload videos without editing because this gives bad user experience.

What Editing Software You Recommend?

Well, there are a lot of best Videos editing software available on the internet like (Adobe Premiere Pro CC) but Adobe is complicated for new users so I recommend you to use (Camtasia Studio).

For me its one of the easiest software to edit videos for youtube. Also, you can find many pre-made templates for your need from the internet to make awesome videos.

You also Like to learn:

Use Attractive Titles for your Videos:

Always use the attractive title for your video.

  • Keep your titles within 70 characters (including spaces). Though YouTube has a 100-character limit for titles, anything longer than 70 will be truncated in most search results.
  • Use One of the main Keyword in your title like google etc.
  • Use (How to) in your title if you are making any tutorial. Peoples search How To mostly
  • Easy to read and type.
  • Don’t Put Complicated Words.

Add Attractive Description:

Many beginners just add one line of description or they even leave that and publish the video. If your video is viral type video then its ok your video start getting views but if your video is business type video its hard to take over other videos and getting views.

Best Practice for Description:

  1. Include the same keywords targeted in the title of your video within the description field at least once.
  2. While YouTube gives you 5,000 characters to play within the Description field, it’s best to keep the first line of your description relatively brief, as no more than the first 157 characters will appear as a snippet in search. In fact, most search engine results will truncate descriptions starting at approximately 100 characters.
  3. Include a link sending viewers back to your website immediately after the first sentence of your description. This can help ensure the URL does not appear as a rich snippet in search results, but will also not be hidden beneath the “Show More” section of the Description field.

Be Unique:

Many newcomers join youtube and start the download and re-upload others channel videos.

So this is one of the stupid things you are doing sorry to say. Youtube has its own algorithm for analyzing videos Like they analyze sound and screen to detect that if your video is copyrighted or not. If they found any mistake your channel is at risk.

Always make your own unique videos.

Choose One Niche And Stick With It:

Many of us start a youtube channel but after some time they start upload different type of videos just for sake of views. Always choose one category and stick with it.

Only upload videos in your niche and don’t upload a different type of videos. People hate that kind of channels.

Monetize Smartly:

As all know that youtube is owned by google and google give you an option to monetize your videos with ads platform called (Adsense) to earn money. If you follow all steps above like not using other videos and applying any fake methods to skyrocket your channel.

Then your channel is eligible for AdSense platform. You just need to submit an application to google and google will review your channel and approve or reject based on your activity.

After that, you can monetize your channel videos like you can put an ad after some minutes.

Don’t overload your videos with ads. You have to maintain user experience in your videos. Always use 3 or 4 ads like if your video length is 40 min then put 1 add every 10 min. This ‘ll good for your viewers and for you too.

The viewer comes to watch your video, not your ads :). If he like chances high that he ‘ll share and subscribed your channel too.


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  1. Hey, thanks for these useful tips. Before applying any tips, I’ll recommend you to create engaging, fresh and informative content for the audience. People only subscribe to your channel if they find some unique element in your content. So, do your homework on your scripting and then make good quality content.

    Custom thumbnails are essential since it forces the visitors to tap on the videos. The vast majority watch video content due to the thumbnail. Use canvas to make custom thumbnails.

    Youtube SEO is another incredible method to grow the channel. Including suitable video title, depiction and labels all are the part of Youtube SEO. Use Tubebuddy for youtube SEO.

    Promotion of your channel on social media platform is also useful in growing channel. Join different groups and communities to share your content.

    Use Paid Campaigns like Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, and Google Adwords to grow channel quickly.

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