Ultra Lock apk Download WhatsApp Lock for Mobile 2019

Are you using any App Lock applications to lock your private apps, Messages, WhatsApp, photos and videos? Is your friends, family and colleagues finding your locked apps or Gallery Vault PIN or Pattern by looking over your shoulder? Are you tired of changing your PIN and Pattern very often? Download Ultra Lock apk Download.

The majority of the other App Lock applications give simply PIN and Pattern bolt choices to bolt your applications and vault. More often than not, our companions and partners can figure our PIN or Pattern by peeping behind us for a couple of times.

Is your companions, associates and relatives speculating your PIN number often? We give the Ultra Lock application to tackle your concern.

Futures of Ultra Lock APK:

Date and Month PIN: Date and Month PIN will be changing to current date in the mobile instead of the current time. So, your PIN will be changing every day automatically to the current date. Lets say the current date is 01-07-2019 (dd/mm/yyyy format), so your locked apps PIN will be 0107 (dd/mm).

Hours and Minutes PIN: Unlike the ordinary PIN option, if you choose Hours and Minutes PIN lock in the Ultra Lock, your lock screen password will be changing every minute to the current time in your mobile. So, your lock screen password will be changing automatically to the current time on every minute and you need not remember anything to recollect the password.

Battery and Battery PIN: Battery and Battery PIN will set your mobile’s current battery level as the lock screen PIN. For example, if your mobile battery is 50% then the lock screen PIN will be 5050.

Minute and Date PIN: Minute and Date PIN will set the current Minute and Date as the lock screen PIN. If the current time is 11:10 AM and the Date is 15th June, then the lock screen PIN will be 1015.

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Like these, there are lot more unique PIN options like Minute and Date PIN, Date and Minute PIN, Hours PIN and. Minute and Month PIN, Month and Minute PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Hours and Battery PIN Date and Hours PIN, , Hours and Month PIN, Date and Date PIN, Minute and Battery PIN, Battery and Month and Hours PIN.

App Download

Other Cool Futures of the App

  • Last Used Time for Apps:
  • Time Based Lock:
  • WiFi Based Lock:
  • Intruder Detection:
  • Random Numeric Keypad:
  • Modifiers:
  • Photo and Video Vault:

Along with these great features, Ultra Lock provides lot more cool features in its settings.


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