YouTube End Screen Templates Photoshop (.PSD) Free Download

YouTube End Screen should be a impotent part of your video file, So make sure to add them before uploading to So here YouTube End Screen Templates article, You can download the top YouTube End Screen Templates in .PSD file.

YouTube End Screen usually last 20 seconds of your video (So that the viewers have enough time to click one of the links and don’t get bored at the same time).

YouTube End Screen Template Customization Guid.

This customization guide will help you to redesign your own YouTube end screen template. Including your brand colors, logo, custom fonts and much more!
If you prefer to use this template with the current fonts (see demo images). You’ll need to visit these links to download the fonts used in this design.

YouTube Video End Screen example.

Free YouTube End Screen Templates

This one includes a video thumbnail which you’ll need to add to your image template, using your video editing software. I am using the simplest one called Camtasia Studio. It is very easy to use and best for Beginners. Download it from here. Download Camtasia Studio.

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Annotations are perhaps the most useful tool that is offered on YouTube. Originally meant as a way to share other videos with your viewers.

It has since evolved into something much more. Users have gotten creative using annotations to create awesome clickable end screen to bring viewers further the conversion tunnel.

You can take that creativity to heart and come up with our own awesome YouTube End Screen Templates that make a real impact.

So how to easily create End Screen for your YouTube videos?


Free YouTube End Screen Templates
[Click Here to Download]

So if you want to say, grow your social media following, your end screen won’t let your viewers click the links to your social media profiles.

Additionally, you can add a clickable link to your “About me” page on your site which lists all your social media profiles.

Are there ant easy End Screen templates or guides I am missing here? Do you have any examples of creative ways users have taken YouTube end Screen? Please let me know in the comments!


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